POLAND Short-Term Joint Staff Training

(April 2 – 6, 2018)

Wroclaw: there are always interesting things to discover and visit in this city.

Trip to Kudowa Zdrój .We drank medicinal water at the Health Fountain. We relived  traditional professions and folklore. We made a clay pot, paper  and other crafts. Our visit to the Paper Museum was highly interesting and educational.

Presentation and Comparison of our Educational systems. Activating methods in teaching  and Explanation of different approaches to multicultural classroom. Workshop to combat Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia (T-shirt paintings , videos and games).


Getting to know the history of the area: Visit to Kamieniec Zabkowicki Castle.

Departure from Kamienic, Good bye, good partners and good friends!



MONDAY 2nd April Cultural visit to the city Wroclaw
TUESDAY 3rd April 11 p.m Trip to Kudowa Zdrój The Skull Chapel


The Trail of the Disappearing Professions


The Museum of Papermaking


5 p.m Free time

WEDNESDAY 4th April 8.30 a.m Welcome to our school

8.40 a.m Classes

10.30 a.m Presentation and comparison of the educational systems


10.40 a.m Activating methods in teaching. Teachers from each country provide lessons using activating methods Romanian teachers

11.25 a.m Break

11.45 a.m Spanish teachers

12.30 p.m Break

12.45 p.m  Polish teachers

1.30 p.m Free time

THURSDAY 5th April 8.30 a.m  Classes What multicultural education is, and the different approaches to the multicultural classroom”

Workshop to combat discrimination, racism and Xenophobia

(painting t-shirts, movies about the discrimination, racism directed by students )

10.30 a.m Break

10.40 a.m Trip to Kamieniec Zabkowicki

Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Castle


FRIDAY 6th April 8.30 a.m Evaluation of the meeting

10.00 a.m Free time


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