Transnational Project Meeting

July 2-3, 2018

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  1. Revision of the Timetable of the Mobilities during the school year 2017/2018: changes to the initial outlining.
  2. Summary of the activities during the last year.
  3. Problems found and solutions.
  4. Achievements/ Products.
  5. Planning for the Dissemination of the Results.
  6. Distribution of final tasks.




Transnational Project Meeting
Rota, Cádiz, Spain
2nd- 3rdJuly, 2018

Participating Teachers:

  • Maria Carmen Ruiz-Mateos Lobato
  • Carmen Lidia Nistor
  • Violeta Dobre
  • Montserrat Torres Delgado
  • Zofia Ruszkowska
  • Gabriela Pluciak
  • Agata Pawlowska Krol
  • Ewa Radziszewska
  • Doina Cana
  • Marcela Alexandru


  1. Introduction of the host school. Meeting with the Headmaster.
  2. Analyzing the timetable of the Mobilities : due to the dropping of the Greek partner the mobility to Romania had to be changed. The mobility to Poland had a slight delay because of events at schools reasons, the mobility to Spain stayed on the initial plan. All the mobilities were a big success and very profitable for everone.The cultural visits turned out very interesting for students.
  3. Summary of the activities: Presentations: ”Why being socially sympathetic”, Videos promoting social inclusion, Interview to a Syrian migrant, Discussion of the point 14 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, T´shirts designs and games to encourage social consciousness , Elaboration of E-brochures, flyers…
  4. Improve and add material to our Facebook , Web page and upload videos on YouTube.
  5. Disseminations of the Results: what has been already done: school paper, local newspaper, visit to local schools and school in other regions: Sevilla, Córdoba…Facebook, webpage of the schools, project web page, Student’s video summing up their experience, Erasmus Corner at the schools. We have in mind a wider display of the results and presentations for the parents, a Project Poster and a DVD to deliver at schools.
  6. Distribution of Final Tasks: Checking the e-brochure, deciding the content of the DVD, updating our web page and evaluating the latest activities.

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