March, 2017

Last March, five students from Secondary Education at our school (Irene Rodríguez , María del Rocío Martín, María Herrera, David Cuevas and Paula López) took a trip to the picturesque and beautiful town of Zloty Stok, located in the lower Silesia in Poland.

The character of the region has been determined by many centuries of turbulent history, as well as by the influences of neighbouring countries: Czech Republic and Germany. Over the centuries, it has been under Czech, Austrian, Prussian rule and, finally, after World War II, it became part of Poland. Also, this area is known for its hiking routes due to the beautiful landscapes that it possesses.


Our students had the opportunity to present their project on Refugees through comics they had created (and soon became very popular), interacted with Polish and Romanian students and made crafts, murals … but there was also time for leisure, like visiting the gold mines, the medieval technology park or solving puzzles in the Secret Room. In addition, we not only tried the gastronomy of the area, but we learned to elaborate Polish recipes like the “pierogi” and we practised popular dances.


Another important part of this immersion in Poland were the cultural visits: we visited the Klodzko fortress (Twierdza Klodzko) one of the largest in Europe at the time. Of course, we could not leave without visiting the capital Warsaw and its market square, which was the heart of the city up to the 18th century.


We were fascinated by areas such as Wroclaw, capital of the province and cultural centre, where we visited the old city of Wroclaw, famous for its dwarfs that are distributed throughout the city. Although the official figure of gnomes is 163, it is estimated that there are more than 350 so once you see one you cannot stop looking for others.


In short, this trip has been a unique opportunity for our students to interact with mates who follow other educational systems and share ideas, as well as first-hand knowledge of a very enriching culture like the Polish one and, hopefully, it has served to broaden their minds and grow as people.



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